Are speed and reliability important for ecommerce web hosting?

There are a million web hosting solutions available for ecommerce out there.  Since their agenda is to sell, you might be tempted to make a purchase out of the first few you see – but that’s a mistake. Why? It’s because credible web hosting is not about attractive designs and what “looks” more appealing to the eye. It’s the functionality that matters. If you are looking for an ecommerce solution, it’s already clear that your aim is to benefit the business and make it efficient.


In order to create a better and more user-friendly experience for your customers, the speed of the site matters a lot. This factor alone decides whether or not the user will continue to stay on your online store any further or not. People surfing the web, or shopping online, are susceptible to getting annoyed or frustrated quite easily, and give up.

Did you know that the site speed also determines your website’s search engine ranking? It’s a lesser known fact, but site speed is also one of the many factors that Google reviews your website against in order to decide it’s ranking.

Think about it, search engines are also businesses and they are obliged to provide premium experiences to their users – anything that’s slow, is placed on later pages.

The factors that decide your site’s speed are a few:

  • Web host
  • The size of the code
  • Types of files

All of these things can be taken care of if you make a smarter decision regarding your ecommerce web hosting solution. According to our research, Siteground Hosting provides one of the top-notch ecommerce web hosting services – that give you plenty of options to boost your site’s performance.


Even the best web hosting can’t guarantee that your website will be up and working all the time. All you can determine is how close to 100% you can get in terms of uptime. Just think about it this way: the more downtime there is, the more time your business is available for business. Isn’t the whole point of an ecommerce website is so that you’re available to the customers at all times?

Depending on the nature of your products/services, the downtime could cost you a sustainable amount of probable revenue.


Whether you’re just starting out or are an already established business, your ecommerce property needs to have the flexibility to scale up. At no point in your business’s timeline are you going to decide that this is it for scalability, and you’re done expanding it. Opt for a web hosting solution that keeps your short-term and long-term goals in mind before creating your ecommerce site.


Make sure that your ecommerce web hosting providers are not scamming you with hidden costs. Do your through research and comparisons before you dive into getting into a contract with some web hosting providers that end up charging you extra for every little requirement of yours. This makes up a huge part of how reliable a service is.

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