How to eat like a professional athlete

Do you run track in your school? You should eat like a professional athlete to keep your body in top shape. Your lean body will show others that you are in great shape.

Here are some tips for eating like a professional athlete:


You must have heard this before but it needs to be repeated. Breakfast is the meal that prepares you for the whole day. If you skip breakfast, you will eat more meals during the day to compensate for the meal you missed. You can avoid this by eating a light breakfast with fruit, protein, and whole grain.

If you do have the time to sit down for a full meal, you can start by drinking orange juice to get your body used to breakfast. After that, you can add hard boiled eggs and toast to your morning meal. By adding more nutrients to your morning routine, you will be stabilizing your blood sugar and beginning your day properly.


When you are dehydrated, it is quite easy to overeat. If you are training all through the week, you should not just hydrate during your workouts. Drinking water throughout the day will keep you hydrated, making it easy to replace what you lost during your workout.

Staying hydrated all through the day without switching to sugary drinks during your workouts will be beneficial. Although sugary drinks can help you to replace electrolytes, they are full of sugar – which is bad for you. If you still want a sugary drink, you should consider diluting a Gatorade with half water – this will keep you hydrated while replacing your electrolytes.


If you want to be the best at what you do, you must fuel your body with the best foods. Beer, fast foods, and fried foods are bad for your body and you need to steer clear. Load your body up with fruits and veggies. If you have the tendency to eat fast foods for lunch, you should consider making a snack-sized fruit or veggie bag.

Greek yoghurt is a drink that is high in probiotics and good for your digestive tract.


Women are usually iron-deficient. Eating dark leafy greens can help you to replace the lost iron. If you still have iron deficiency, you should consider taking iron supplements to increase your levels. The foods that you should be adding to your diet include dark leafy greens, oatmeal, and red meat.


Make a food plan for the day: what will you eat during the day? Making a plan will help you to avoid eating bad foods on the go. If possible, you should also make your meals of the week on Sunday. This way, your meals will be ready and you will be able to spend your time on more important things.If you cannot do this, you should at least prepare a snack to keep you from eating unhealthy meals whenever you are hungry.


If you think that you need to reduce the amount of calories that you consume to lose weight, think again. Limiting your calorie intake can be counterproductive: your body will struggle to hold onto the few calories that it has and go into starvation mode. This will mean more energy in and less out, and your working out will be in vain.

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