Keeping your body in balance – working on the right muscle groups

By now, the majority of people are familiar with an abundance of benefits of working out. Even though some of them pick up the habit and get decent results, it takes a bit more dedication and knowledge to know exactly what you are doing.

For example, many people start going to the gym and working on various group muscles without knowing what the core muscle groups they should work on are. The reason for this hides behind the fact that people are more focused on how they are going to look and what results they are going to get in the short-term.

If you are planning to start a routine, or you are already working out, it is crucial to understand that you primary focus should be on developing bigger muscles and strength, the aesthetic part will follow. Let’s take a look at the most important muscle groups you should focus your workout plan on.


Guy’s love working on their chest muscles, but often forget that this muscle group consists of three different building blocks. The most important group, the upper chest or clavicular pectoralis, are often neglected. It is that this chest muscle head is responsible for stability, power and better overall chest growth. Therefore, do your research about effective chest growth strategies that will make you work more on this particular muscle.

When people think about the core, they think about a great looking 6 pack. Well, not everything is in the looks, the core muscles include much more than the 6 pack everyone wants to get. The abs and the muscles of the lower back work passively in wide array of exercises, making it essential to work on them.


While everyone is in love with the front body exercises, not many people actually love working on their back. Even those who love working on their backs are more focused on building up their upper back. Not working on the whole back can lead to serious injuries when you start working with serious weights.

Keeping the chest and back in balance will keep your shoulder joint safe and mobile, so you should be working with similar weights with both muscle groups, but you should also work on your lower back. As back exercises are a bit harder, many people find it challenging and do not offer their maximum when working on these muscle groups.

Additionally, working on lower back involves exercises that many consider risky, such as the deadlift. It is very important to stress that this exercise is only risky if done with poor form and with weights that one cannot handle safely. If you always pay attention to your form and leave your ego at the door, the chances of getting a back injury are quite slim, yet the benefits that this exercise brings are many – it actively improves core, lower back, and hamstring strength, and works a variety of smaller muscles to an extent.

By avoiding it, many workout enthusiasts put themselves at a high risk getting being injured and they limit the amount of overall muscle mass they could be putting in their frame.


Never skipping a leg day has become a well known piece of advice that many people advocate, but for a good reason. An incredibly high percentage of people who work out actively skip leg days. OK, the thing is that besides the aesthetic disbalance, neglecting leg muscles can lead to some serious injuries.

Therefore, on top of having to wear jeans in the summer, you are putting your whole body at risk. It is also important to mention that the gluteus maximus is the largest muscle found in the human body. Working on it regularly will get you much better results in the gym and sports in general, and having a big strong butt and thighs will help you do more work and burn through more calories workout and after the workout.

Training legs is hard, but on the plus side, leg strength is important for several other exercises, and will help you perform better in a variety of sports and in daily life in general.

If you are working out regularly, remember that you have started the whole journey to become healthier. In order to stay on that path, dedicate the right amount of time to all of your muscle groups, it will keep you safe in the gym and in the field.

Additionally, it will help you continuously improve your lifts, as all of the exercises are connected with each other. The next time you are in the gym, stop worrying about whether your biceps are big enough, and start working on your strength; it is a much healthier approach that will get you insane results and keep your body healthy.

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