Men’s fitness: 5 ways to burn fat in time for summer

Can you feel the motivation pumping? For most people, the first sunny days of the year are the biggest fitness boosters. Though it’s important to stay in good shape all year round, nothing can rekindle your passion for exercising like spring. With the ideal weather and only a few months left until the beach season, the time for hitting the gym has never been more opportune.

Here’s how to build your training regime and stay hooked.



Wintertime is all about honey-roasted pork and spicy ginger cookies, which is why most men welcome the first week of spring with some kind of diet in mind. There’s plenty of quick-fixers that promise a significant calorie drop in only a few weeks, and not all of them are ineffective. At least in the short run.

The biggest problem with these instant weight-loss solutions is that they don’t really give you the structure you need for sustaining your shape for a longer time. They make your body slim instead of making it firmer, thus robbing you of energy and physical strength. Not only that your initial weight will return quickly afterwards, but a rigorous low-calorie diet can actually endanger your health.



Even if you choose to lose weight in the gym rather than by cutting off cookies, you’ll still need to slightly alter your diet. Physical training requires a balanced nutrition and plenty of wholesome, yet healthy foods, so roll up your sleeves and start cooking!

Your body will need something to burn, which means that you can feel free to eat as diversely as possible. The only thing you should avoid, in fact, is highly processed food – instant meals, frozen dinners, burgers, and artificial sweeteners. Besides ditching these altogether, you should be careful about red meats and alcohol as well. Enjoy them in moderation, and focus on whole grains, chicken, greens and fruits. These ingredients are only as nutritious as they are properly cooked, so make sure to prepare your own meals.



It’s hardly unlikely that a low-carb, high-protein diet won’t be enough to feed your muscles, but in case you need an additional nutrition boost, you can include a fat loss supplement to your regime. There’s plenty of highly effective fat burners for you to choose from, so research and compare before you pick one.

It’s important to note that these weight loss pills are not a replacement for healthy meals or physical exercise. They deliver promised results only when used with an appropriate diet and taken to the gym, in which case they never fail to burn unwanted fat and transform it into muscles. There aren’t any specific health concerns linked to these scientifically developed and tested products, but consult your nutritionist just in case. If you’re in good condition, you can expect to lose in between 5 and 10 pounds per month!



Joining a gym is easy, but staying on top of your exercising schedule is something completely different. There might be the days when you’d want to skip the routine or give it all up, particularly if your job is exhausting and you have little time for yourself as it is. It goes without saying that losing weight demands utmost dedication, but even the strongest-minded of us can sometimes get awry.

There’s not a simple way to prevent this, but visualising your goal might help you lose some of the weight off your shoulders. Workout apps are another techy solution that allows you to keep track of your accomplishments, thus motivating you to endure to the end. Whether you need an assistant or not, try your best to exercise anytime and anywhere you can. An alarm clock set to an hour earlier might transform your life and keep you fit for many seasons to come.



Though most wellness enthusiasts often forget about it, the importance of proper hydration cannot be overstressed. If you start a day with a glass of water, your fat metabolism will increase even before the breakfast and morning workout. Not only that you’ll stay energized whole day long, but hydrating will actually help you burn fat at greater speed.

Both nutritionists and health bloggers recommend 3-5 litres of water per day, but you can adjust that according to your body composition. Never wait to get thirsty to drink, and the results of your diet and exercising routines will quickly increase. Your digestion will improve as well, and so will your energy levels, your bones, and your skin.
Ultimately, there’s nothing complicated about it – as long as you’re determined and not easily discouraged, your body will be summer-ready just in time for the first beach day of the year.

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