Ultimate ways to manage stress

Life cannot always be a beautiful garden of roses. There are times when you have to face hardships and that are when stress comes into the picture. When you cannot cope with a situation that requires your time and effort, you feel stressed. It can be both personal and professional stress. Whatever may be the scenario, being stressed all the time will lead to severe health complications.  Everyone handles stress in a different manner. Some people listen to music whereas others spend time with their friends. But the best way to handle stress is to believe in your abilities, relax and plan your next move based on your problem.

How Humans React to Stress

In general, human beings react to stress in two different ways namely GAS (General Adaptation Syndrome) and the “Flight or Fight” mode.

Flight or fight mode:

Every human being tackles a harmful situation in two different ways. One is to fight the problem and get the solution and the other is to run away from it. The way a person handles a problem purely depends on his/her capability to deal with the situation. Sometimes the situation can be controllable such as finishing a project within the deadline or giving a speech in front of higher officials, etc.

During stressful situations, it is always advisable to think clearly and not panic. When you panic, you will be blinded by emotion and you will not be able to think clearly. This will lead to further complications that will affect your thinking capacity. When you are calm even during stressful situations, you will be able to think clearly and get the solution to the underlying problem. This will also make you confident and you will be able to tackle the problem effectively.

GAS (General Adaptation Syndrome):

GAS or General Adaption Syndrome is nothing but a three stage stress process defined by the famous medical researcher and doctor, Dr. Hans Selye. He described that the body undergoes three stages during stress that include the Alarm Stage, Resistance Stage and the Exhaustion Stage.

Alarm Stage:

This is the first stage in which the body experiences the ‘fight or flight mode’. During this initial stage, the body reacts with a burst of energy and this is where the adrenaline kicks in to handle the situation. It can either be a flight or a fight mode depending on the situation faced by the person.

Resistance Stage:

During the resistance, the body will try to balance and cope with the situation. It is also called as the repairing stage where the body tries to normalize the blood pressure and the hormone levels. In an attempt to cope with the stress, the body will go through different changes. Some of the signs of this stage include poor concentration, frustration and irritability.

Exhaustion Stage:

The last stage or the exhaustion stage is when the body feels worn out. When you struggle with stress for a long period of time, you will feel exhausted and it may affect the body. Some of the signs of exhaustion include burnout, fatigue, anxiety, etc.

Symptoms of stress:

Stress symptoms vary according to every individual. Some of the common stress symptoms include

  • Panic attacks
  • Isolation
  • Frequent headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability

Simple Ways to Manage Stress

Handling stress is quite difficult, but with simple steps, you will be able to deal with it in a positive manner. The first thing to do is to maintain a dairy and make a note of things that stress you out. These situations can be temporary or a permanent one. The next thing to take into account is the way on how to handle stress. In general, you can handle stress in three different ways that include action-oriented approach, emotion-oriented approach and acceptance-oriented approach.

  1. Action-oriented approach:

In this stage, the individual takes steps to reduce anxiety during stressful events. He/she analyses the root-cause of the stress and takes the necessary steps to handle it. Sometimes a person gets stressed due to the excessive workload. This can be avoided by proper planning and time management. Creating an action-plan will help you deal with any stressful situation at ease.

  1. Emotion-oriented approach:

Sometimes the way we think leads to stress and this approach will address the issue. Negative thinking is the major problem that paves way for a lot of stressful situations. Taking things in a positive manner will help you boost your self-confidence and you will be able to handle problems at ease.

  1. Acceptance-oriented approach:

It is a known fact that some things can never be changed. In life, we have to face bad situations and there is nothing we can do about it. During such situations, it is better to accept the reality and move on. Thinking about it and worrying will only worsen the problem. You can try meditation and physical relaxation to calm down yourself and cope with the current situation.

By following these simple tips, you will be able to handle stress and lead a happy life.

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